Climate protection and regardful attentiveness for natur and human beings

We shift crypto to green – connecting innovative technologies with the climate protection topics and sustainable investments.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are leaving now their former niches. People becoming more interested and regard cryptocurrencies as an alternative to traditional investments.

ClimaCoin is closing the gap of missing securitiy of cryptocurrencies being on the market by underlying the value with carbon credits. For the first time a cryptocurrency does have a security depot with hardware documents.

Promoting sustainable companies and industries.

The founders and initiators of ClimaCoin support with targetted projects and cooperations companies worldwide, preconditions are the zero carbon target. Some have already realized this ambitious aim like the SEKEM initiative.

Sekem is working for decades for a reasonable basis for life and existence for the egyptian people. Their project „Greening the Desert“ is an example for the strong commitment to environmental protection.

Products, coming from the sustainable and clima protecting production of our assigned partners, will be presented in our new marketplace. It is our vision that the ClimaCoin will be the future exchange value in this marketplace.

It is fact: climachange cannot be denied anymore

It is fact: climachange cannot be denied anymore

Weather catastrophies and pandemic threats have triggered the vision of ClimaCoin.

The initiators having agricultural property themselves, faced the growing threats much more often than before.

It is obvious: climachange cannot be denied any longer. Data from the last years proved clearly the global rise in temperature in atmosphere and water. Weather phenomenon occuring normally in tropical areas are now seen in  temperated zones.

Heavy storms in younger past destroy significant woodland areas und farmland – with severe consequences.

Active climate protection – with innovative technologies

The crop failures and damages of farmland by weather phenomenon are often compensated in rich industrial nations but not realistic in third world nations. The population is suffering from lack of food, droughts or total loss of house and cattle by flooding.

It is the declared intention of the founders of the ClimaCoin project to practice active climate protection and, by doing this, also snapping newest developments and technologies.

The current Corona pandemic has inspired the digital ClimaCoin ideas even more:

Cashless payments are preached to use because of hygiene measures. Thereby digital money and payments attracked a lot of attention as a possible new exchange value.



For more informations please see also the ClimaCoin Whitepaper.





Relieve the environment – benefit from the new cryptomarket

The ClimaCoin is a so-called „green“ digital currency, total volume available at start, no enery wasting mining, value underlaid by carbon credits.

Our commitment – we act!!

We affirm: it is our vision to support and promote sustainable producing companies by acquiring their carbon credits.


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