The ClimaCoin trade has started on Stex crypto exchange on Dec 1, 2021.


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January 15, 2022 Start of trading on the P2PB2B exchange


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The ClimaCoin – a brief explanation

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Relieve the environment – benefit from the new cryptomarket

The ClimaCoin is a so-called „green“ digital currency, total volume available at start, no enery wasting mining, value underlaid by carbon credits.

Our commitment – we act!!

We affirm: it is our vision to support and promote sustainable producing companies by acquiring their carbon credits.


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About ClimaCoin?

ClimaCoin is the first „green“ crypto currency and will be traded on the STEX crypto exchange starting December 1, 21.

The whole ClimaCoin volume has been mined completely to make trading and circulation the most energy saving.


Invest in ClimaCoins

You pay attention to new oportunities and green investments? You will than like the innovative and sustainable ClimaCoins.

You think about 10.000€ or more?? Do not hestitate to contact us. We will find the best option for you.

With your engagement you support climate protection and environmental protection. Do not waste time - START NOW..


Why ClimaCoins?

Our vision has been a crypto currency project, that regards sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gases as major key subjects. Sustainable operating companies will be supported and encouraged in realizing their visions.

Clima4future connects innovative technologies, clima change and green investments.


We say: Investments in ClimaCoins are investments in the future !!

Veigel family

There was something, I really did like: on the one hand the cooperation with SEKEM and on the other the chance to participate in an existing new cryptocurrency project from the very beginning onwards.

- Veigel family

Petra Benz

For me it is very important to support a project,where I have the feeling and confidence to do something good and profit financcially from the new cryptomarket.

- Petra Benz

Damiar Poljak

For nearly 5 years I am engaged in climachange issues and with this new project I saw a chance to do something good for our future.

- Damiar Poljak

Helmut Schäufele

For me the first project where I can spend money and have a good feeling !. All people involved feel commited to serious and transparent work. Good so, that is how it should be !

- Helmut Schäufele

Hertha Rothbächer

For me it is important that the following generations will keep us in good memory. Therefore it is essential to be engaged in meaningful projects.

- Hertha Rothbächer

Jannik Kress

For me it is important to be active NOW – and to put the focus on sustainability and environment protection and, in addition to that, strike new paths. That was why I decided to join the Clima meets Crypto project.

- Jannik Kress

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